Located in Ozarks region of North Central Arkansas, Horseshoe Bend is a community of approximately 2,200 residents. It is the perfect getaway from the city and fast-paced lifestyle. Here you can relax while boating on Crown Lake, fishing on Strawberry River, Golfing at Turkey Mountain Golf Course, or just strolling through town taking in the fresh air and friendly atmosphere.

Around Town

We invite you to visit our town, but you won't see much!... Sure, you won't see any traffic jams, pollution, crime, or anything like that. What you will see is some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere. Downtown is small but convenient with general stores, grocery store, gas station, restaurants, a bank and our Real Estate office. Within a couple minutes of downtown is recreation, churches, a library, resorts and more. The natural scenery and countryside is so overwhelming it is hard to believe that you are within 20 miles of Ash Flat where larger businesses like Super Wal-Mart can be found.